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End of Tenancy Cleaning

– End of tenancy cleaning comes with 2 days warranty.
– Cleaning on bank holidays and weekends with no extra charge.
– All materials are provided by us.
– Same day service is also in offer.
– Oven cleaning is a part of the service with no extra charge.
– Free re-cleans are guaranteed as long as the reports are filled 2 days after the service.
– Get 10{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0} off when you book online.

End of tenancy cleaning is cleaning after moving out of a rented property. When you move into a new property, it is very clean so you have to make sure to maintain that standard until you move out, because in other case you won’t get your deposit back. Since the moving itself is quite stressful, both tenants and landlords turn to the cleaning companies and seek for help in order to make things easier. That is where we show up. We are here to do your job, to clean everything from top to bottom and make your day better. Your property will be ready in a short period of time to be hand back to your landlord or ready for new tenants.
What does end of tenancy cleaning include?
End of tenancy cleaning includes everything that you can think of and that is in your house. It also includes the parts of the house that you have never cleaned or never thought that you should.

General cleaning includes:

– vacuum cleaning of soft and hard flooring
– cleaning doors and frames
– cleaning glass (mirrors, picture frames, furniture tops, etc.)
– removing dust and polishing of all furniture
– washing of windows
– washing of heaters
– collecting dust and spider webs on walls and ceilings
– cleaning drawers and shelves
– upholstery vacuuming
– removing dust from dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails
– cleaning terraces and porches

Kitchen cleaning includes:

– washing and polishing of all work surfaces
– cleaning sink and taps
– microwave and oven cleaning (inside and outside)
– refrigerator and freezer cleaning
– bins cleaning inside and out
– cleaning the aspirator and the dishwasher
– cleaning washing machine
– cleaning wall tiles
– cleaning of cabinets

Cleaning the kitchen is the most demanding work. There are too many little things that have to be cleaned and we are not even aware of them. Cleaning of the kitchen can be external which includes cleaning of floor, sink, countertops, electric appliances, etc., and internal which includes cleaning of all electric appliances and cabinets both inside and outside. Internal cleaning is more detailed.

Bathroom cleaning includes:

– cleaning and disinfection of the bathtub, basin, taps and fittings
– cleaning mirrors
– cleaning and sanitizing wall tiles and floor
– de-scaling and cleaning toilet and seat

Bathroom cleaning require special care and attention because bathroom is the most important room in the house where everything should be cleaned because of our hygiene. This is the place where bacteria live for years and may cause different diseases and infections.

Bedroom cleaning includes:

– cleaning bedroom furniture and storage units inside and out
– carpet cleaning
– mattress cleaning
– mirror cleaning

All of us clean our bedrooms on a daily basis. The only thing that we can not do by ourselves is mattress cleaning. Mattress accumulates a lot of bacteria over the time so it is advisable to leave it to professionals.

End of tenancy cleaning also includes hallway and living room cleaning. Hallway cleaning requires more caution, this area is heavily polluted because of everyone coming into the house. Floor must be perfectly cleaned. Living room is a place where we spent the most time so it is logical that it gets dirty faster.

Why should I do end of tenancy cleaning?

The most important reason for end of tenancy cleaning is getting your deposit back. You can try to do the cleaning by yourself but this type of cleaning is very demanding. It is not a daily cleaning where you do not have to worry if you miss something, one little thing can cost you your money. That is why you should leave it to the professionals. We have special equipment, materials and qualified cleaners and because of that we give full assurance that you will get your money back. If you hire us, you will be able to spend that time that you planned to spend on cleaning on something or someone else and you will save yourself from many headaches. And probably the best thing about us is that if you are not satisfied with how everything is cleaned, we will come and re-clean it, your guarantee will last for 7 days.

How long will end of tenancy cleaning take?

End of tenancy cleaning depends on the size of the property and the level of maintenance. If you live in a studio flat it would last for about 2 hours, 1 bedroom flat lasts from 2-4 hours, 2 bedroom flat lasts from 2-5 hours, 3 bedroom flat lasts from 3-6 hours, 4 bedroom flat lasts from 4-6 hours and 5 bedroom flat lasts from 4-8 hours. These estimations do not specify how many beds/baths the property contains. Our cleaners won’t leave the property until they make sure that everything is perfect.

How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost?

There is no such thing as general cost. Each price is formed individually, there are a few factors that can help in forming the price as degree of pollution, new construction or after repair, special requests, etc. 

Our service

If you are thinking about booking us do not be afraid to do it. We have a team of trained professionals and special equipment and materials, our team is very friendly so you won’t have to deal with unpleasant situations and we are fully insured. If our team makes a mistake or breaks something, be sure that it will be fixed. If it is our fault we do not have a problem with admitting it and making sure that we leave everything in perfect condition.

Why choose us?

You should choose us because:

– we are available at a time that is convenient to you
– our team consists of fully trained professional cleaners
– we have the lowest, the most acceptable and competitive prices
– we offer you free, no obligation quotation – online, phone or in person
– of 100{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0} customer satisfaction
– of 100{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0} safe cleaning solutions
– short notice is not a problem
– of free stain removal
– of eco friendly cleaning products
– of powerful extraction machines
– of quick drying time

Each tenant has to go through all of this before releasing the rented accommodation and there are some rules that have to be observed. Now when we introduced you to the end of tenancy cleaning, we hope that you are no longer in doubt if you should call us and let us do the hard work. You have the freedom to choose yourself. If you think that you can clean everything and leave it in the same condition as it was when you moved in there is no need for calling us. But if you do not want to spend that much time on cleaning, we are just a click away!