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Half of Brits need a wash

(photo credit – shutterstock/ g-stockstudio) Its official, half of Brits need a bath. You’ve probably thought it standing in a packed tube, but it turns out that 58{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0} of men skip morning showers and a quarter would rather have an extra ten minutes in bed and the remainder just can’t fit a wash into their … Read more Half of Brits need a wash

Traditional Cleaning Solutions That Work

(Photo credit – Shutterstock/ Africa studios) There are a million and one cleaning products on the market that claim to crack every cleaning problem under the sun. From multi-surface cleaners to disposable mop pads, yet many household cleaning problems can be solved much more effectively with a simple traditional solution. Plus you can declutter your … Read more Traditional Cleaning Solutions That Work